There is nothing worse than NOT knowing what you’re talking about when discussing musical ideas with others – especially in the context of a band.

Music theory gives a student the knowledge to work confidently with other musicians, whether that be in bands, or with song-writers, or with other types of performers – it is also an important part of any Tafe or University entry requirements.

It is our philosophy that the best way to study the theory of music is to observe how it works in the music one knows and loves to play.

The Courses:

  1. Basic: “clear up all my misunderstandings” about music (notation, how to read music; signs, symbols and musical terms defined; scales, intervals, chord structure; etc)

  2. Study a Grade Level (start at a level that’s right for you)

  3. Tertiary Entrance Course and audition requirements (e.g. WAAPA, TAFE).

Formats available: One to one tuition class = 40 mins Small group class = 60 mins.

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  • For this aspect of music education, our courses utilise Rockschool’s Popular Music Theory Grades. These are also graded from Debut to Grade 8.
  • Theory exams are NOT compulsory and are optional for our Guitar Lounge students. However, it is recommended that they study an appropriate grade level at home under our supervision in conjunction with their guitar or bass lessons.