RockSchool® is a structured instrumental syllabus that is used as a part of every student’s tuition at The Guitar Lounge.  It is NOT used solely and to the exclusion of other material the student might want to learn -  students always have a say in the song material they would like to learn.

It is intended for ANYONE, any age, at any level, with an interest in playing guitar in the rock and pop music styles. It provides a clear pathway of instrumental training (and qualifications if desired) for every student – and it’s fun to do!

  • The program is divided up into Grades - from the beginner level (Debut Grade)  to the advanced professional standard (Grade 8).

  • Each grade contains the most popular genres of today’s music presented in a song repertoire book, with a high quality play-along CD.


  • No! Exams are NOT compulsory as part of your learning at the Guitar Lounge. It’s always the student’s decision to sit for an exam, or not –  it’s totally optional.

  • Some students want to be graded by RockSchool®, and by taking these performance exams they get an external appraisal about exactly where they’re at – it also earns them a widely recognised qualification.