How to Perform in a Recording Studio Environment

Under our supervision students visit a professional recording studio and take part in sessions learning about:

  • Practicing and playing to a click track and temporary track.
  • Learning to play with headphones as a monitor.
  • Recording individual tracks as opposed to playing together as a group.
  • Studio practices and procedures for recording a song.

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Song Writing

This is a combination of applied music theory and the development of a student’s intuitive musical instincts to create original songs in any style.
In these lessons students learn about:

  • Composing the basic elements of song – lyrics, melody, and harmony
  • Structure – form – rhythm - style of a genre
  • Scoring a completed song – basic chart writing
  • Arranging – instrumentation

song writing pop rock guitar bass lessons perth

How to Perform Live Onstage

What to know and do regarding performance in its many settings, whether large or small. This is a course that looks at the many elements that are a part of performing. Good preparation helps a performance go right and minimises what can go wrong - it is an important part of building one’s professionalism.

The topics include:

  • Where to start? Jam sessions – open mic events – auditions - formal gigs
  • Your musical equipment – what to prepare for
  • Microphone technique
  • Rehearsal techniques - drilling your performance material
  • The stage environment (sound and lighting) – dealing with production personnel at a venue
  • Presentation and stage etiquette
  • 'Live tuning'
  • How to handle if a string breaks while performing
  • How to repair a broken guitar cord
  • The importance of evaluating your performance – positive self-reflection – accept good feedback.

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Music Careers – Advisory Service

music careers pop rock guitar bass lessons perthThis is an ongoing consultation service that assists individuals with a strong interest in making a career in music, to understand, plan, and map out the steps necessary to achieve their goals in the business – important points include:

  • Establishment of a personal admin plan that aligns all future activities.
  • Knowing your ‘hat’ in music – performer/songwriter/band leader/instrumentalist/singer/solo artist? What am I?
  • Evaluating your Instrumental skills –always keep improving, discovering.
  • Music study – how much training do I need? Where can I go to further my knowledge and skills?
  • Exactly, what am I selling, and what is my valuable final product?
  • Know how the industry operates today in the digital media world. Where is your audience, where is the market place, where is the monetary return?
  • Copyright - the agencies that protect intellectual property (original songs etc), and pay out performance and usage royalties across various media.

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