guitar 1 pop rock guitar lessons perthThis is a general outline of the contemporary rock and popular music tuition for guitar and bass students. It covers five competencies of instrumental skill and theoretical knowledge that form the essential content of every student’s program – whether you’re at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level.

Note: Rock guitar students interested in developing some classical guitar techniques can do so by enrolling in tuition at "The Classical Guitar Lounge", our sister website:

Therefore, as a student your lessons focus upon the following skills:

1)     Technical Work

Exercises, scales, arpeggios – to develop left hand strength, right hand picking (plectrum) technique, and co-ordination between the hands.

2)     Reading Music

  • Note Reading (pitch) – standard notation and/or tablature (tabs).
  • Rhythm Reading – count and play standard rhythm notation.
  • Guitar Fretboard – name and find notes on the guitar strings in all positions.

3)     Harmony: (chord knowledge)

  • 1st position open chords
  • Power chords
  • Bar chords
  • Chord Voicing
  • Advanced chord language
  • Chord Substitution

bass guitar pop rock guitar lessons perth

4)     Repertoire

This is song material each student performs in consultation with the teacher. The RockSchool® syllabus forms a major part of this learning area.

Learning repertoire also includes:

• the roles of the rhythm guitarist, the lead guitarist, the bass guitarist,

• playing in a variety of musical styles,

• classic songs based on Blues forms, their riffs and rhythms.

• and improvisation.

5)    Ensemble/Band

  • When confident and able, students learn and perform popular songs in a group setting.
  • Put into practice working and co-operating with others to achieve a common goal.
  • Present the music at a standard suitable for public events.